Snaggle Foot Dog Walks and Pet Care Service
for Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Daily Dog Walk Services

Have a schedule that leaves your dog home alone too long? Our dog walking service allows your pup to get a much-deserved mid-day break. A typical visit consists of a 30 minute walk or trip to a nearby park, water refresh, playtime, and a treat. Expect to come home to a much happier best friend!

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Pet Sitting Services

Our most popular service! While you're traveling, let Snaggle Foot come to your home to care for your pets as an alternative to kenneling. Pets love that they don't have to be taken anywhere unfamiliar while you're away. They get to sleep in their own bed, maintain their regular feeding schedule, and enjoy all the perks of staying home. Small home care items included free of charge!

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Puppy Breaks and Senior Dogs Services

Does your new puppy need to be taken out just for a quick break during the day? This service is designed for young dogs going through housebreaking or senior dogs who may be on medication and just can't hold it in all day. Our visit lasts about 15 minutes--just long enough for a quick break outside, water refresh, and treat.

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+ $10.00 and up

Welcome Home Services
How nice it is to come home to a clean house! We can take care of pet-related clean-ups such as fully cleaning out litter boxes, washing dog beds, vacuuming up the accumulated dog hair, and cleaning out aquariums.

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Overnight House-Sitting Services

OvernightStays2Are your pets used to constant attention? We can definitely accommodate! Our overnight sitting service allows us to "move-in" to give your pets the continual one-on-one attention that they are used to. Inherent with the service is the peace of mind that your home is cared for and looked after by an insured professional

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Start $40.00/night

In-Home Boarding & Day Care Services

The perfect balance between pet sitting and house sitting! We welcome your dog to spend the day and/or night with us, where he or she will enjoy abundant playtime and walks outside, one-on-one attention, and 24 hour supervision. No need to worry about your dog having to stay in a confined kennel or spending too much time alone at home.

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Call for custom price.

Snaggle Foot Royalty Services

We know that pet owners may have needs for pet care that go beyond our traditional menu of services. That's why we offer a full-line of customized services called "Royalty" Services. Our Royalty services have extra pampering built right in, including home security visits, extended visits and walks, field trips, pet taxi services, and medicine administration

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